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Week One | Thursday, 31 August | Agenda

Welcome to ED100, An Introduction to the World of Education


Next week, the class schedule will be abbreviated due to the Mass of the Holy Spirit 8:00-8:50 a.m.


  • ED 100,
  • The Syllabus,
  • Dr. Shutkin, and
  • You!


Assignment Due Monday 4 September: BlogPost1:  Course Survey  

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Week Two | Thursday 7 September | Agenda


Class schedule is abbreviated today due to the Mass of the Holy Spirit 8:00-8:50 a.m.


  • Educational foundations, Part I: Why Teach? p. 1
  • Educational foundations, Chapter 1 Letters to a young teacher / Jonathan Kozol p.3
  • Educational foundations, Chapter 2 The Green Monongahela / John Taylor Gatto   p.8
  • Educational foundations, Chapter 3 Why Teach? / Herbert Kohl, p. 17

Assignment Due Monday 11 September: BlogPost2

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Week Three: Thursday 14 September | Agenda

Noteworthy: Annual Geller Lecture | Monday, September 18, 2017


Assignment Due Monday 18 September: BlogPost3

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Week Four: 

Monday 18 September | Annual Geller Lecture

Thursday 21 September|  Rosh Hashanah | Happy New Year 5778 | No Class!

Week Five: Thursday 28 September | Agenda

Noteworthy: Green Placement Form Due!!


  • Educational foundations, Pt. II Who Are Today’s Students? p. 29
  • Educational foundations, Chapter 4 What Should Teachers Do? Ebonics and Culturally Responsive Instruction / Lisa Delpit, p. 31
  • Educational foundations, Chapter 5. Racism, Discrimination, and Expectations of Students’ Achievement / Sonia Nieto, p. 44

Assignment Due Monday 2 October:  BlogPost4

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Week Six: Thursday 5 October | Agenda


Part 1 : Curtis, D. and Carter, M. (2000) Chapter 2: Study Session: Learning to See. pp. 9-22.

Part 2 : Rofes, E. (2005) A Radical Rethinking of Sexuality and Schooling: Status Quo or Status Queer? New York : Rowman & Littlefield, Publishers, Inc. Chapter 1: Beyond the Bruising Sites of Boyhood. pp. 1-18.

For class this week, please prepare to discuss the following questions: Rofes (2005) makes clear distinctions between liberal and radical conceptualizations of addressing homophobia and heterosexism in k-12 schools. Prepare to discuss these distinctions with examples from schools you attended. How does Rofes (2005) discuss childhood? What do the liberal and radical distinctions of addressing homophobia and heterosexism have to do with contemporary understandings of childhood? What do you believe and what is your vision for the school where you hope to be teaching in the next four years?

Assignment Due Monday 9 October:  BlogPost5

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Week Seven: Thursday 12 October | Agenda

School Visit I | Shaker Heights Middle School

Fall Break Friday 13 October

Assignment Due Tuesday 17 October:  FieldPost1  | Exploration of Mental Filters and Their Influences on Perception.

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Week Eight: Thursday 19 October


  • To Teach: The Journey, in Comics, Chapter 4. Building bridges / William Ayers, p. 47
  • To Teach: The Journey, in Comics, Chapter 7. The mystery of teaching / William Ayers, p. 93
  • Educational foundations, Chapter 9 On Stir-and-Serve Recipes for Teaching / Susan Ohanian, p. 117.
  • Educational foundations, Chapter 10 Psst … It Ain’t About the Tests: It’s Still About Great Teaching / Robert DiGiulio, p. 125

Week Nine: Thursday  26 October | School Visit II Heights High School 


Reading & Preparation for Field Observations

Please review readings for 19 October, read the text for FieldPost2 and prepare questions to guide your observations while at Heights High.

Also, please bring state issued identification.


  • To Teach: The Journey, in Comics, Chapter 4. Building bridges / William Ayers, p. 47
  • To Teach: The Journey, in Comics, Chapter 7. The mystery of teaching / William Ayers, p. 93
  • Educational foundations, Chapter 9 On Stir-and-Serve Recipes for Teaching / Susan Ohanian, p. 117.
  • Educational foundations, Chapter 10 Psst … It Ain’t About the Tests: It’s Still About Great Teaching / Robert DiGiulio, p. 125

Assignment Due Monday 30 October:  FieldPost2

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Week Ten: Thursday 2 November

Noteworthy: Thursday 9 November School Visit III Laurel Primary School

Introduction:  This I Believe, a Personal Philosophy of Education – Through reflection, analysis and synthesis of research, blog entries, course readings, and discussions, write an essay expressing your beliefs about education.

Reading: Educational foundations, Chapter 8. The Banking Concept of Education / Paulo Freire, p. 103


Assignment Due Monday 6 November:  BlogPost6: PostIt Notes annotation strategy

Week Eleven: Thursday 9 November | School Visit III Laurel Primary School



Monday 13 November Assignment DueFieldPost3

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Week Twelve: Thursday 16 November




  • Educational foundations, Pt. IV What Do Good Schools Look Like?, p. 131
  • Educational foundations, Chapter 11 The Idea of Summerhill / A. S. Neill, p. 133
  • Educational foundations, Chapter 12 Success in East Harlem: How One Group of Teachers Built a School That Works / Deborah Meier, p. 141

Discussion 1:  Small group school design project

Discussion 2:  Summerhill: invention, viewing, and revising


  • The Summerhill School | 2013 update of the idea of Summerhill School featuring Zoe Readhead, A.S. Neil’s daughter, and current principal of the school.  The twenty minute video considers the concepts that make Summerhill such an amazing exploration of the meaning of schooling, childhood and democracy.
  • A. S. Neill – Founder of Summerhill School – 1964 | A.S. Neil talks about freedom and his Summerhill School in England. Summerhill is often said to be the first school based on freedom and democratic ideals.
  •  Imagine a School….Summerhill | The Third Mind documentary tells the story of A. S. Neill’s Summerhill School and their fight for survival against Tony Blair’s Labour government.

Here is a fictional filmic account of Summerhill

Convention on the Rights of the Child – 1989

 Discussion 3:

  1. ED100, PollEverywhere & Greatness in Teaching
  2. Viewing: Deborah Meier: A. Paulchell, A. Valentino, R. McGoron | ED500 Foundations of Education| John Carroll University | 23 July 2014
  3.  This I Believe- Deborah Meier’s school

Friday 17 November Assignment Due: BP7 Annotated Bibliography

Thursday 23 November Happy Thanksgiving

Monday 27 November Assignment Due: Philosophy Paper Proposal incorporating BP8

Week Thirteen: Thursday 30 November

PresentationsBP9 Small group school design project

Readings 1: This is CTE Option 1

  • To Teach: The Journey, in Comics, Chapter 5. Liberating the curriculum / William Ayers, p. 67
  • To Teach: The Journey, in Comics, Chapter 6. Keeping track / William Ayers, p. 81

Readings 2:  This is CTE Option 2

Educational foundations, Chapter 17 How and How Not, to Improve the Schools / Diane Ravitch. P. 179

Monday 4 December Assignment Due: Summative FieldPost

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Week Fourteen: Thursday 7 December 

Readings:   This is CTE Option 3

Educational foundations, Chapter 21 Poor Teaching for Poor Children… in the name of Reform / Alfie Kohn p. 217

Readings:  This is a CTE Option 4

Educational foundations, Chapter 13 Beyond the Deficit Paradigm: An Ecological Orientation to Thriving Urban Schools / Kelly Donnell, p. 151

Readings:   This is a CTE Option 5

  • Educational foundations, Pt. V How Should We Assess Student Learning?  p. 159
  • Educational foundations, Chapter 14 A Mania for Rubrics / Thomas Newkirk, p. 161
  • Educational foundations, Chapter 15 Grading: The Issue Is Not How  But Why? / Alfie Kohn, p. 165

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Week Fifteen: Thursday 14 December  

Assignment Due: This I Believe, Philosophy of Education Essay (@ 11:59:59 on 14 December 2015)


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