Annotations & Proposal

At least one conference with me (Dr. Shutkin) to discuss your proposal is mandatory:  Conference Sign-up sheet

(All meetings in AD304, Dr. Shutkin’s office)

Part 1:  This I Believe Annotated Bibliography* 

Identify and reference 4-6 sources germane to your proposed TIB essay. Beneath each reference, write a succinct summary of the each source and discuss the expected contribution that the article, chapter, essay, etc. will make to your essay. Each reference needs to be cited using an acceptable bibliographic style such as APA, Chicago or MLA. Write in the first person and directly discuss your TIB essay. (~150 words/annotation).

Path to the JCU library research databasesLibrary main page –> Library research page –> Articles, Data and Databases –> Research databases

*Please note: Course readings cannot be used for this assignment but they can be used in your final essay. Earns credit as Blog Post 7

Part 2:  This I Believe Proposal 

Your goal: to convince your readers (Dr. Shutkin and fellow classmates) that your research topic has value and that you can complete it successfully and on time. (+/-1000 words)

Please address the items described below:


For this final blog post, please summarize your course blog. What did you discover about yourself and your concerns and interests about the field of education?  Are there emergent themes? What do you believe, as evidenced across the nine previous posts ? (~ 250 words).


What do you believe?  Briefly describe the theme or topic you have in mind within the context of the broad field of Education as you consider what it is that you believe as a philosophy of education. (~ 250 words).

Problem Statement

What are the problems or issues, hopes or dreams that your belief(s) responds to? Beliefs do not emerge from nothing. They arise out of a lifetime of experiences and learnings and/or situations in which there are a recognized needs or issues that must be addressed. Specifically, what needs, issues, interests and/or prior knowledge/experiences form a foundation for your research topic? What connections will you make with other topics you know or study? Conversely, as a research paper what “big” question or questions do you have about this topic? What do you want to know; what important content and concepts might you learn about the field of education as a profession, its politics, economics, cultural issues and so forth?

Remember: you must convince your readers that the problem is important and therefore deserves to be addressed.

(+500 words).

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