Week Three Agenda

Thursday 14 September

Even Before Class formally begins… Sitting on the floor, back to back with a partnerDescribing details…or Listening to the Blocks….


  • Lisa Sugar, Field Placement Coordinator 10:10AM
  • Writing a better Blog Post, take one
  • The meaning of Grace in college according to Shutkin…
  • Please bring a prop to class today that relates your thinking about education to the Ayers readings for today.
  • The Art of Awareness | In these readings, we will examine how our own experiences influence our perceptions.
  • Monday 18 September | Annual Geller Lecture
  • About Next Thursday 21 September|  Rosh Hashanah | Happy New Year 5778 | No Class!


  • 1. William Ayers | To Teach: The Journey, in Comics:
    • Ch 1. Opening day: the journey begins / p. 1
    • Ch. 2. Seeing the student / William Ayers p. 13
    • Ch 3. Creating an environment for learning / William Ayers, p. 33


  • BlogPosts: Course vs. Field
    • What are we supposed to do when we visit and make observations at a school?
    • Writing the FieldPost
    • Creating and Building and Visiting Schools…FieldPost1
  • The Art of Awareness (part 1) 

Assignment Due Monday 18 September: BlogPost3