Week Six Agenda



Part 1 : Curtis, D. and Carter, M. (2000) Chapter 2: Study Session: Learning to See. pp. 9-22.

Part 2 : Rofes, E. (2005) A Radical Rethinking of Sexuality and Schooling: Status Quo or Status Queer? New York : Rowman & Littlefield, Publishers, Inc. Chapter 1: Beyond the Bruising Sites of Boyhood. pp. 1-18.

Discussion I: The Art of Awareness (part 2) 

  1. Learning to See: A Preparing to make observations in schools, Rekindling a Sense of Wonder
  2. description | interpretation |parking lot 
  3. The Art of Awareness and Observing in Schools: Venturing into the text
  4. Preparing for FieldPost 1: Exploration of Mental Filters and Their Influences on Perception.

Discussion2 |  

Discussion3 | A Radical Rethinking of Sexuality and Schooling

Viewing | LGBTQ in School 

(Answers to a range of questions by, for, about supporting LGBTQ students in your school)

Discussion4 | 

  • A summary of the rights under the Convention on the Rights – Unicef
  • Rofes (2005) makes clear distinctions between liberal and radical conceptualizations of addressing homophobia and heterosexism in k-12 schools. Discuss these distinctions with examples from schools you attended. How does Rofes (2005) discuss childhood? What do the liberal and radical distinctions of addressing homophobia and heterosexism have to do with contemporary understandings of childhood? What do you believe and what is your vision for the school where you hope to be teaching in the next four years?


Assignment Due Monday 9 October:  BlogPost5