Week Five Agenda

Thursday 28 September 



  • Educational foundations, Pt. II Who Are Today’s Students? p. 29
  • Educational foundations, Chapter 4 What Should Teachers Do? Ebonics and Culturally Responsive Instruction / Lisa Delpit, p. 31
  • Educational foundations, Chapter 5. Racism, Discrimination, and Expectations of Students’ Achievement / Sonia Nieto, p. 44

Discussion I: Who are Today’s Students? The Complexities of Race in American Education 

Part 1. The Plurality of Black Lives — Introduction

Part 2. The wondrous confusions regarding Ebonics /  African American Vernacular English — Lisa Delpit

  • Code Switching (Video |10m)
  • Validating the lived experiences of our students — “talk about your mama”
  • The power of Code Switching
  • E-Z Weezy (p. 32)
  • The Language of Atlantis | Reader’s Theater & PollEverywhere (p. 38)

Discussion II: Institutional Racism — Sonia Nieto

Discussion III: Privilege & Leveraging Privilege

Assignment Due Monday 2 October:  BlogPost4