Good Schools

BlogPost 9

Based on your reading, reflections, and discussions of the readings listed below, and your thoughtful consideration of your lived experiences, produce a 6-12 slide presentation answering the question: what do good schools look like?


  1. Educational foundations, Pt. IV What Do Good Schools Look Like?, p. 131
  2. Educational foundations, Chapter 12 Success in East Harlem: How One Group of Teachers Built a School That Works / Deborah Meier, p. 141
  3. Educational foundations, Chapter 11 The Idea of Summerhill / A. S. Neill, p. 133
  4. To Teach: The Journey, in Comics, Chapter 7. The mystery of teaching / William Ayers, p. 93

Small Group Design Project:

  • For this project, you are to collaborate with 3-4 partners.
  • Please prepare to share your presentation on Thursday 30 November at 8AM.
  • Presentations are not to exceed 7 minutes.
  • You are welcome to work in Prezi or Google Presentation, (but not in Powerpoint).
  • Link or embed your presentation in your Weblog as BlogPost 9

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