Field Observations & Blog

FieldBlog (Writing about your experiences visiting schools)

Following each time you visit a school / classroom (with the class and independently) to observe, please document your experiences and observations in a written FieldBlog. These entries are very important and should be completed thoughtfully and patiently as reflective practice is enhanced by the records made of your in-school observations of teaching and learning and the culture of the classroom.

Your FieldBlog should demonstrate what you have been learning in ED 100. The concepts that are introduced and studied in class should be in dialogue with your reflections and observations from your school visits. As well, employ observation techniques practiced in class to your observations.

As you are making observations, consider concepts and ideas developed in course readings and discussions. Be intentional by making specific references to course readings and discussions as you synthesize your field observations with what we have been exploring in class.In some instances these concepts may inform or guide your thinking about education and in other instances they may challenge or interrupt your thinking.

By reviewing your FieldBlog about your experiences visiting schools, you should notice changes and growth in your own learning about teaching. In particular, your FieldBlog should reveal new ways you have learned for noticing, thinking about, and analyzing schooling as not only about teaching and learning but also as a political and cultural experience for teachers and their students. Through reflective practice you can transform information and raw experience into personal understandings about teaching and professional knowledge about the field of education.

Distinguish each fieldblog post to your WebBlog with an appropriate title that includes FieldPost1 or FP2, etc.

Your FieldBlog is your opportunity to examine and insightfully critique your school observations, as well as to enhance your understanding and discernment about the different teacher licensure areas in the state of Ohio:

Independent Field Requirement |  In addition to your 3 school visits with the class, you will complete 10 hours of field experience on your own. 

The goal of maintaining a FieldBlog is to document and describe what you recognize as meaningful and relevant to the education and the social and emotional wellbeing of the children that you are preparing to work with in the future! This is accomplished by reviewing your documentation of your initial observations and continues as you identify for focused consideration those events that were most memorable and significant for you.

~ 150 words/post or ~2000 words or ~8 pages for the entire FieldBlog including a final summative post of themes and ideas that you have learned through this field observing and blogging assignment. In other words, the entire project, including every post together, based on three class observations in the field and your 10 hours of individual field observations, is to approximate 2000 words. Assuming you make ~ 13 entries, this would approximate 150 words/entry. This assignment will be assessed using the field blog assessment rubric.

Keeping Track of Your Observations with these Forms |

Field Blog Assessment Rubric

Exceeding | In responding to the Field Blog assignment prompt, the writer demonstrates a rigorous and in-depth understanding of content and purpose through  the development and support of their posts. Appropriate organization and style is evident. [5 points]

Meeting | In responding to the Field Blog assignment prompt, the writer demonstrates a thoughtful understanding of content and purpose through the development and support of their posts. Appropriate organization and style is evident. [3 points]

Approaching | In responding to the Field Blog assignment prompt, the writer demonstrates an awareness of content and purpose through their effort to develop and support their blog posts. Appropriate organization and style is evident. [1 point]

Needing Improvement | In responding to the Field Blog assignment prompt, the writer demonstrates minimal or no attention to content and purpose. Posts may be unsuitable, and/or the writer may not develop or support an argument. Appropriate organization and style might not be evident. [0 point]

For the Fall 2020 semester, all field observations will be virtual. Information about how to set up your Atlas virtual observation account can be found by following this link. Here is a direct link to the Atlas database of classroom case studies.

Please select ten (10) Atlas cases to observe and to discuss in the FieldBlog:

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