Course Blog

Writing in your weblog is the foremost means for preparing for class. Throughout the course, I invite you to revisit your weblog, to reflect on your blog posts, on what you’ve read, discussed and observed about yourself and the field of education.

By building a weblog, you will be furthering your reflective and analytical abilities in the context of the field of education.

Building an ED100 WordPress Weblog

Each post to your weblog should be informed by your reflections on previous posts and experiences in class. Yet, as a means of preparing for class, organize your posts around readings assigned for that day.

Distinguish each post to your CourseBlog with the appropriate title to include: BlogPost1, BlogPost2, etc.

(One post due every week for the first 10 weeks, +/- 150 words for each post. The final post is to synthesize the preceding blogposts, themes and ideas that you have addressed through this weblog assignment. This assignment will be assessed using the weblog assessment rubric).

Reflection is an attribute of professional practice.  Indeed, we do not learn and develop from experience as much as we learn from reflecting on that experience.  In this context, reflection is the process of constructing meaning by thinking about and interpreting the significance of lived experience. Journal writing or maintaining an online weblog (Blog) is critical to the development of reflective practice. A weblog is a tool for documenting experience and for transforming ideas and assumptions about teaching, learning and education into personal understanding and professional knowledge.

By creating a weblog, you can identify issues and activities that are of concern to you and formulate and communicate your thoughts and ideas to yourself and to others. Further, weblogs afford an opportunity and a means to describe, feel, express, analyze and question your experiences, beliefs, and ideas as a preservice teacher.

Your weblog forms a digital space for writing and illustrating (through sound, still and moving images) your ideas, feelings, questions, and reactions to readings, classroom discussions, school observations of teachers and students, conversations with other preservice teachers, and more.

The intention of this weblog assignment is to help you reflect and further your thinking as you deliberate about issues in education with the intention of connecting them to your lived experiences in school as a student growing up.  The weblog is also a space to reflect upon and explore course readings, content discussed in class, and more.

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