Clinical Teaching Experience

Throughout the semester, we will engage in many small group discussions.  At first you will be divided into different groups but eventually you will become an active participant in a single discussion group consisting of three or four (3-4) class members. Each group will be responsible for planning and engaging the whole class in a series of learning experiences (45 minutes) based on the assigned reading(s) for that day.  Readings will be from either of the two books adopted for this class: Educational Foundations or To Teach.

  1. Credit for this required CTE will be based on my assessment of your documentation of this CTE as described, reflected upon and assessed in your CourseBlog. (This assignment will be assessed using the weblog assessment rubric).
  2. A group meeting with Dr. Shutkin in advance of the clinical is mandatory.
  3. Each student participating in a CTE will assess the contributions made to the experience by each member of the group using the collaboration assessment rubric.

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