Fingerprinting & Background Checks


  1. You will need to call Campus Police at 216-397-2277. to schedule an appointment to have your background check done. You will not be permitted to enter the school until we receive the results from your background check. I suggest you call as soon as possible and make your appointment. You MUST complete an application form and print it out to bring to the Campus Police when you have your fingerprints done. You can access the form at
  2. Under the section for “Reason for Fingerprinting (BCI only)” please mark “Applicants who have applied to a school district or for school employment in any position responsible for care, custody, control of a child ORC 3319.39.” Under the section for “Reason for Fingerprinting (FBI only),” please mark “Public School District or Chartered Nonpublic School (includes parochial schools) 3319.39.” Once you fill in all the fields you will need to print the form.
  3. You will need to have BOTH the BCI and FBI checks completed. The cost is $70. If you have had these done within the last year, please let me know because you may not need to do them again, but you will need to obtain a copy of the results.
  4. Once a placement is made for you, I will email you the details. Please contact your teacher within 48 hours of notification to schedule your hours. You may be required to pick up your results from Ms. Harrison and take them to your school. I will let you know if you need to do this.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you,
Lisa Sugar

About David Shutkin

Professor of Educational Media & Technology at John Carroll University
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