Session 3: To Teach: The Journey in Comics ~ 1. Opening Day & 2. Seeing the Student


  • To Teach: The Journey, in Comics, Introduction: welcome to our comic book /William Ayers p. xiv

  • To Teach: The Journey, in Comics, Ch 1. Opening day: the journey begins /William Ayers p. 1

  • To Teach: The Journey, in Comics, Ch. 2. Seeing the student / William Ayers p. 13

Props & Some Possible Themes to Consider

  • Teacher as explorer
  • Myths about Teachers
  • Teachers to have one foot in reality and the other in what is possible
  • The Politics of labeling
  • Teacher as Student of her students: To see the student as fully as possible, to observe to take notes, to study, to understand, to encourage students’ to bring passion school.
  • The mystery and wonder of teaching

About David Shutkin

Professor of Educational Media & Technology at John Carroll University
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