A Radical Rethinking of Sexuality and Schooling

What do you know about the John Carroll Campus support for LGBTQ students?

Characterize how your HS supported LGBTQ students.  What role was played by students, teachers, administration?  Was your school hostile?  Were some people hostile? students? teachers? administrators?   What type of changes would you like to see?

In your small group (up to 3 students)

Explore your assigned resource and prepare to share highlights with the class. (Fifteen minutes to explore and prepare to share. (3-5 minutes to share)

  1. LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland
  2. Ohio Educator’s Guide to GLBTQ Resources
  3. The Trevor Project
  4. How to Start a Gay-Straight Alliance
  5. GLSEN — Northeast Ohio Chapter of the gay, lesbian and straight education network. 
  6. GLSEN 2015 State of Ohio Climate Survey
  7. Know Your Rights! A Quick Guide for LGBT High School Students
  8. The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

For class next period, please prepare to discuss the following questions:

Rofes (2005) makes clear distinctions between liberal and radical conceptualizations of addressing homophobia and heterosexism in k-12 schools. Discuss these distinctions with examples from schools you attended. How does Rofes (2005) discuss childhood? What do the liberal and radical distinctions of addressing homophobia and heterosexism have to do with contemporary understandings of childhood? What do you believe and what is your vision for the school where you hope to be teaching in the next four years?

About David Shutkin

Professor of Educational Media & Technology at John Carroll University
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