Learning Experience LC Assigned Readings

The New Teacher BookFinding purpose, balance, and hope during your first years in the classroom. Edited By Linda Christensen, Stan Karp, Bob Peterson, Moé Yonamine. Publication Date: March 8, 2019. ISBN: 9780942961034. 3rd edition.

Dr. Shutkin
Chapter 1: Starting Strong, pages 3-25

1. Creating Community Out of Chaos  By Linda Christensen
2. A Message from a Black Mom to Her Son  By Dyan Watson
3. Honor Their Names  By Linda Christensen
4. Name  By Hiwot Adilow
5. Uchinaaguchi The language of my heart  By Moé Yonamine
Learning Circle One

Chapter 1: Starting Strong, pages 26-49
1. Uncovering the Lessons of Classroom Furniture You are where you sit By Tom McKenna
2. Getting Your Classroom Together By Bob Peterson
3. 12 Suggestions for New Teachers By Larry Miller
4. How I Survived My First Year  By Bill Bigelow
Learning Circle Three

Chapter 2: Teaching for Social Justice, pages 53-73

1. Creating Classrooms for Equity and Social Justice  By Rethinking Schools Editors
2. Black Is Beautiful  By Kara Hinderlie
3. Seeing Ourselves with Our Own Eyes  By Katy Alexander
Learning Circle Five

Chapter 2: Teaching for Social Justice, pages 74-93
1. Presidents and Slaves Helping students find the truth  By Bob Peterson
2. Medical Apartheid  Teaching the Tuskegee Syphilis Study By Gretchen Kraig-Turner
3. Q/A: I hate the textbook I’ve been given to use. What can I do?  By Rita Tenorio, 4. Rachel Cloues, and Bill Bigelow
Learning Circle Seven

Chapter 3: Challenges and Opportunities, pages 165-188
1. How Do I Stay in a Profession that Is Trying to Push Me Out?  By John Terry
2. Dear White Teacher  By Chrysanthius Lathan
3. Restorative Justice Starts in the Classroom  By Camila Arze Torres Goitia
4. Q/A: What are restorative practices and why are they important?  By Bob Peterson
5. Girls Against Dress Codes  By Lyn Mikel Brown
Learning Circle Two

Chapter 3: Challenges and Opportunities, pages 189-206

1. Inclusivity Is Not a Guessing Game  By Chelsea Vaught
2. “I Believe You”  Responsive teacher talk and our children’s lives  By Michelle Strater Gunderson
3. On Behalf of Their Name  Using they/them pronouns because they need us to  By Mykhiel Deych
Learning Circle Four

Chapter 4: Measuring What Matters, pages 207- 228
1. Time to Get Off the Testing Train  By Stan Karp
2. What’s Wrong with Standardized Tests?  By FairTest
3. Authentic Assessment for Learning
4. Fourteen Days SBAC Took Away  By Moé Yonamine
5. Testing Assumptions  By Claudierre McKay, Aaron Regunberg, and Tim Shea
Learning Circle Six

Chapter 4: Measuring What Matters, pages 229-248
1. My Dirty Little Secret: I Don’t Grade Student Papers  Helping students find their passion helps them learn how to write well  By Linda Christensen
2. Taking Teacher Quality Seriously  A collaborative approach to teacher evaluation  By Stan Karp
3. Beyond Test Scores  Introducing the MCIEA school quality measures  By James Noonan
Learning Circle Eight

Chapter 5: Beyond the Classroom, pages 249-272
1. Moving Beyond the Classroom  By Stan Karp
2. Q/A: As a new educator why should I be concerned about school privatization?
3. School Funding Basics  By Stan Karp
4. Why Teacher Unions Matter  By Bob Peterson
5. New Teachers to the Union: Count Us In!  By Gabriel Tanglao